EdHack’s Values

To provide cutting edge, relevant and accessible resources for both teachers and parents to utilize.

Education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself – John Dewey

We believe in full disclosure – if we’re reviewing a product/app/service, we will tell you the in’s and out’s of our connection to said post.

What is EdHacked?

 From resources, lessons, reviews to analysis; EdHacked aims to develop content both teachers and parents can use across a multitude of ages, abilities and subjects.

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Barry O'RourkeEditor of EdHacked.com
Hi there. My name is Barry O’Rourke, founder and editor of EdHacked.com!

A little about myself

I am a trained Primary School teacher from Ireland. I graduated in 2011 from St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra with a B.Ed, specializing in Digital Art and English literature.

From there I spent a number of years teaching across every class range in the Irish education system – from Junior & Senior Infants to 5th & 6th class, to learning and resource support.

In 2016 I completed my MA in Journalism from Dublin City University, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to kickstart a career in writing and media. However education has always been a passion of mine – during my studies I freelanced with The Irish Times broadsheet newspaper in their Education Section, covering topics such as teacher employment, industrial action and student issues.

After my MA, I worked for RTÉ, Ireland’s National Broadcaster on their website rte.ie. There I acted as journalist and managed social media accounts, conducted interviews and troubleshooted the website during it’s redesign.

So, what’s EdHacked.com?

The tagline for EdHacked.com is ‘Learning Made Easy’. We see lots of websites talking about ‘life hacks’, ‘fitness hacks’ – simple things that make a big difference.

I wanted to create a site where education is made easier; for teachers, parents and students. But not solely focused on worksheets or textbooks – taking in the everyday and seeing how we can tap into it’s educational content.

Be it film, music, gaming, technology – reaping the rewards can have great benefits for the classroom and home learning.

  • Global focus – Although based in Ireland, I want to cater for a growing, global audience in education!

  • Continue Learning – As a teacher, innovation is my bread and butter – I want to continually develop my own knowledge and upskill. And ultimately share this with you all!

  • People not profits – EdHacked doesn’t have a paywall. Everything on my site is from either my own experience or research. If we link to a product, it’s usually after trying it out myself or from teacher colleagues. If you do find review content useful, please feel free to use the affiliate links! (We get a small commission at no extra cost to you)