Author Aoife Dooley subject to online abuse following appearance in English exam

An appearance by illustrator and author Aoife Dooley on the State Examinations English paper has led her to be the subject of Internet harassment from students.

Dooley’s article Sound Off: Don’t get me started about other people on the bus, was penned back in 2017, and documents the struggles and stresses of public transport. Students were asked if they thought her piece was entertaining, and to critique it’s style and content.

What could have been a great example of comedic writing redefining the often stale state examinations has been met with online abuse aimed directly at Dooley.

In a tweet, the writer and illustrator said:

“Really don’t know what to do. Day 2 of this and still getting hundreds of messages per min & weird ones like these below. If this continues I’m going to have to close all my pages down, my WORK. This is really upsetting & I didn’t ask for ANY of this.”

“All up for a laugh, memes are funny but some of the abuse I’m getting is nothing short of vile ‘I’ll hit you so hard you won’t be Autistic anymore’ etc. Honestly it has gone too far now and all over an article I wrote a long time ago that I never knew would be in the JC”

Many fans of Dooley, who is creator behind Your One Nikita on RTÉ Player, supported her on social media while putting the State Exams into question.

A further point of controversy was that piece in question was edited with no consultation with Dooley, which raises questions on how the exams are prepared with copyright and author authenticity in mind.