Easy Abstract Art
Easy Abstract Art

You’d be forgiven in thinking abstract art lessons should be easy to think up of – but you’re wrong! Sometimes, something with no definite ‘end’ stage is hard for a teacher to try and sell to kids.

One thing I love using for abstract art is using repeated shapes. Step up, SVG Generator!

Easy Abstract Art

SVG Generator is a free tool you can use to generate abstract, geometric shapes with just a few clicks.

This is an online tool, so your class will need access to a computer or laptop connected to the Internet. Also make sure your school Internet allows access.

If you don’t have access, do not worry. Have a look at these images and you’ll see they’re very easily made with paper cut-outs.

You can use the tool yourself at home to prepare examples for the kids to get inspired from.

Making the art pop

There are 11 options you can use to generate from – lines, circles, to words or special letters. Experimentation is encouraged.

It does not have the most friendly of interfaces for kids, but with a little perseverance and a class demo, kids will get use to the menu code.

All the images I’ve made here were got by using the Randomize option, but you can fiddle around with the parameters and see how colours/shapes change.

Easy Abstract Art

Easy Abstract Art

Saving File.

1. Click the Export to SVG. Download this file.

2. Open the SVG file.

3. You can right-click and print


4. Right-click and Save As .PNG (if you want to edit it somewhere else like Word)

5. Combine different patterns/shapes for a very eye-catching display.

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