Love Art
Love Art

Valentine’s Day – a day feared by many singletons, but loved by all kids. Mainly because it’s a great time for some lovely arts and crafts that can be given to virtually any family, friend etc.

Below are some of the best craft videos found online that gives teachers some nice ideas on reinventing the Valentine’s Day card!

Tree With Paper Hearts

A beautiful twist on the Valentine’s Day Card from Easy Peasy and Fun. And resource-easy too. If you have felt or fabrics to substitute in, could make for a great lesson on textiles.

DIY String Art Valentine’s Day Card

A string activity that would make for a beautiful card Also doubles as great fine motor skills lessons, and if using in the infant room, just make the heart spaces on a large A2 card.

How To Draw Hugging Hearts

Art for Kids Hub are thee YouTube channel for upskilling your drawing lessons – and this Hugging Hearts one is a great way of creating a great card decoration along with a focus on line. Try and add some fabric/fibres to make a 3D affect with the bows!

Valentine’s Heart Card

Deep breathes – but the video says it’s easy and well, I believe Art for Kids Hub. Best suited for the older classes, these ‘cards’ could actually make for nice classroom decorations or displays as well as bunting for the week that’s in it.

Pop Up Heart Card

A beautiful and simple twist from Basteln mit Papier: Craft ideas, this card has a lot of volume and presence. Again it could make for a great classroom display focusing on shape and form, as I’m not sure how easy writing the card could be for kids.

 Pipecleaner Pencil Toppers

Stuck for a last minute card craft with zero time? This easy DIY craft from Red Ted Art may look very simple for older classes, but could really jazz up an existing card by using straws, pipe-cleaners on cards to support it, or as part of a clay piece.