Stop Germs from Spreading: Wash Your Hands | Cincinnati Children's

Everyone has questions about COVID-19, especially children who are frightened. Teaching them simple techniques for staying safe – like knowing the correct way to wash your hands – can help empower kids to do something important to protect themselves and their family.

The Cinicinnatie Children’s website has a complete library of informational resources about the virus and how to stay healthy.

The video ‘Stop Germs from Spreading: Wash Your Hands’ is particularly useful in teaching children the importance of personal hygiene.

The video description gives great information:

“Wash your hands regularly since germs can get on hands and be spread around. After using the bathroom or getting your hands dirty, wash with soap and water while slowly counting to 20. Turtle slow. Super cool turtle slow.

Cough and sneeze into your elbow to keep germs away from your hands and other people.

Don’t pick your nose, rub your eyes or touch your mouth since those are easy places for germs to get into your body. The less you put your hands on your face, the better!

Germs like to hide on surfaces like countertops, door handles and phones. Keep germs from spreading by wiping down surfaces and keeping your hands clean.

Germs are a natural part of life. Simple things like washing your hands can help keep everyone healthy.”