Child Art
Paint perfection - the best gifts are often homemade.

Father’s Day – the one day of the year dedicated to the man of the house! And nothing can show love more than a homecraft made by children themselves.

Below I’ve picked 5 different go-to crafts I use around this time of year, that are low-cost and most importantly 1) kids love making and 2) Dad’s love getting!

And while you’re forgiven to think men don’t want or fuss over love-dovey cards and crafts from kids, you’d be mistaken.

1. The craftastic card

Nothing says a better thank you from a child than something they’ve worked hard to make look that bit special for Dad to wear, read or hang up! There are two ideas here to try.

Firstly, the card-making tutorial from Crafty Daily shows in an easy way how to make a fun, tactile card that still gives plenty of room to add your own personal touches. What’s more, there’s still great space to write a message inside – perfect!

And secondly, the go-to motto ‘I Love you to the Moon and Back’ with a nice twist!

2. The Oh lá lá Card

Likewise, Tonni art and craft have a great tutorial on making a Father’s Day card that could be a good fit for a slightly older child to try their hand at. The end result is a striking, paper-structure card that looks the part with room for a small message to boot, and one you wouldn’t mind having up the whole year round!

3. Card and gift combined

Want a card that doubles as an actual present? Crafty Daily makes their second appearance in this piece, who yet again have a great craft for Father’s Day – an award ribbon!

What’s more, it’s super-tactile meaning children will have great fun in making the piece – lots of folding and pressing.

4. Simply the best card

Just from reading the comments, you’ll get a sense that these cards are total winners.

Firstly we have a nice Acrostic-like template kids can use to fill in all the thigns they love about their Dad. Short, sweet and to the point:

Secondly, MyVoucherCodes shows you how to make the classic shirt and tie card with a little more refinement and ease. Plenty of room for kids to put their own spin on it too.

5. Beautiful non-Father’s Day card

And lastly, not everyone may have the typical ‘father’ figure around at home. Perhaps you’re celebrating Father’s Day honoring someone else who fits the bill. This last craft is a nice idea for those wanting to give a more universal message of love.

Wishing everyone a safe, and happy Father’s Day!

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