Minibeasts and insect lessons are always a big hit in the classroom – kids get to learn so much about the world and science around them.

What’s best is as a teacher there are lots of activities you can do to link this topic to other areas of the curriculum!

While insects as a  topic you might think makes for great science lessons (like our insect hotel lesson!), there are so many stories and poems where insects take centre stage – it makes sense to use these great resources.

Little Talk by Aileen Fisher is a lovely, simple poem that really makes for a nice introduction to the topic through a series of open-ended questions:

  • Can insects talk? What would they say if they could?
  • Where do they live? Do they like their homes? Why/why not?
  • What would you say to them if they could listen?

There’s also huge scope for writing reply verses on a specific insect, and have the original poem the centre piece of a poetry/art work display. You’ll have a class of busy bees in no time!

Little Talk

By Aileen Fisher

Don’t your think it’s probable
that beetles, bugs, and bees
talk about a lot of things
you know, such things as these:

The kind of weather where they live
in jungles tall with grass
and earthquakes in their villages
whenever people pass!

Of course, we’ll never know if bugs
talk very much at all,
because our ears are far too big
for talk that is so small.

Bee pollinating

Poetry Ideas:

  • Check out our Poetry Page for lots of poems to use in your classroom
  • Keep a poetry diary for kids to record read work – read more poems by favourite poets
  • Adjective / Onomatopoeia word hunts
  • Write a response verse from the perspective of a different character
  • Write a response verse in a different style – nonsense, rhyming, haiku, cinquain etc. Does this change the poem?
  • Think up of 5/10 Questions you would ask a character in a poem/the author
  • Illustrate your favourite image from the poem – in black & white, colour.
  • Storyboard the poem: each verse gets a scene
  • Create a diorama of the poem out of recycling materials
  • Illustrate a book cover/movie poster that could accompany the poem
  • Write the poem using appropriate fonts / why did you choose this to reflect the poem?