NaNoWriMo begins!
NaNoWriMo begins!

NaNoWrimo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, is a month where thousands of people aim to achieve the lifetime goal of completing a novel, all within a month.

Teachers can get in on the action too, and help students celebrate writing and reach that life-time goal of finishing a novel, in under a month.

NanoWrimo is a nonprofit based in Berkeley, California, which believes that stories matter, and is described as equal parts a website, a community, and wildly ambitious writing even. Many books see publication from this project, as budding authors make time for writing, instead of finding time.

The Young Writers Program (YWP)

The Young Writers Program supports under-18 writers and K-12 educators taking part in smaller writing challenges year-round.

It offers a treasure trove of great writing resources that teachers can use to promote creativity, celebrate writing and inspire students to commit their great ideas to a product.

The  Young Writers Program (YWP) is designed to help young people:

  • find value in their stories.
  • become confident and proficient storytellers.
  • realize their creative potential—on and off the page.

Teacher Resources:

You can check out the NanoWrimo teacher resources here, and easily tailor them into your writing and reading lessons during the month to celebrate writing.

And for those teachers, who might find themselves up for the challenge of completing a novel in under a month, Alexa Donne has just the survival tips you need to succeed.

To find out more about NanoWriMo, and to signup for free, visit their website