Pokémon – oh how you’ve lasted the test of time. And with a endless series of games, movies and…more games…your class are going to be interested in Pikachu and friends. So, what possible way can Pokémon be educational, you might ask?

Well, the entire series is made up full of data. Free data. And free is music to any teacher or parents ears! That means there is over 700+ recognisable characters you can use in lessons.

Measurement & Data

The main strands Pokémon can be used in lessons is with Measure & Data, as can be seen from Reddit user Pachipie below.

Pokemon height chart, from Reddit user Pachipie
Pokemon height chart, from Reddit user Pachipie

Especially with Maths, which let’s be honest….there’s only so many times a child can measure their class or weigh a bag of flour, Pokémon can help jazz things up.

The Official Pokedex Site is an encyclopedia of every Pokémon’s height, weight with pictures and descriptions. Again, that’s over 700 different variables children can access – many of them already favourites.

Below are some tasters ideas:


  • Predict from images tallest/shortest/lightest/heaviest
  • Sort Pokémon from tallest/shortest/lightest/heaviest
  • Compare/contrast answers – where you close?
  • Find 5 of your own Pokémon (Pokédex) and organise them
  • Poll the Class – Who is our favourite Pokémon? What is our favourite type? Who is our least favourite?

Maths Integration with…

  • English – Fact-file, record information including name, height, weight etc. into a fact-file.
  • Science – Organise/Analyse Pokémon on a graph based on their type (Electric, Water, Flying) & habitats
  • Art – Create your own Tall Pokémon. Create your own Heavy Pokémon. How have you shown this in your picture?
  • Geography – Pokémon Go (you may have heard of it!) revolves around travel & locations.


  • Which Pokémon is the tallest/smallest/lightest/heaviest?
  • Is (A) taller or smaller than (B)? Why?
  • Was your prediction correct?

Whether you have fans of the  animation series , the console games or Pokémon Go, many of these ideas above require little to no resources!