Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is a free-to-play strategy game from Riot Games, the makers of the world’s most popular online game, League of Legends.

TFT pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team from the League of Legends roster.

Think of it as Fantasy Football meets League of Legends, with a bit of Age of Empires mixed in. The goal? Be the last player standing.

While the action is automated, your goal is to plan and recruit specific team combinations, manage your gold economy, and outlast battling other players on monsters each round.

Looking for the latest patch notes to get you up to speed on the current meta? Everything you need to know about Teamfight Tactics patch 9.19.

Items. Items. Items!

Anyone who has played League of Legends will recognise the importance of items. TFT is no exception.

With a multitude of different build-paths, it’s important for players to recognise early on what items to focus on getting, and most importantly, which champions to give them to.

Remember: Once a champion is given an item, you cannot taken it off without selling them. And if you power up a champion, items will automatically merge!

Scarra, League of Legends pro player (and soon to be TFT pro player, let’s be honest!) shared a great cheat-sheet table showing all the item combinations for a quick check mid-game.

Click below to be taken to Scarra’s share. Simply look for your starting item, follow across for the different combinations.

Teamfight Tactics Items from pro player Scarra

The reasons behind Teamfight Tactics

The rise of the auto-battler style games makes Riot Games’ focus on TFT no surprise. In an announcement for TFT, the company said mentioned how Rioters love of games such as Dota Auto Chess

“We’ve always loved strategy games and recently we’ve gotten into the new auto-battler genre—folks around the office have been playing an insane amount of Dota Auto Chess in particular”

During combat, your champions will move, attack, and cast spells automatically. Just like in League, you’ll need to choose a team comp and position your champs wisely to unlock their full potential.

Recently, we’ve been trying different kinds of modes that are deep and unique additions to the League experience. TFT is our next big exploration in that space and the first time we’re jumping into a different genre.

Know what’s the best strat in TFT? Item or Team combination? Let us know on Twitter @edhacked.