Anyone who has played League of Legends will recognise the importance of items. TFT is no exception.

With a multitude of different build-paths, it’s important for players to recognise early on what items to focus on getting, and most importantly, which champions to give them to.

Remember, once a champion is given an item, you cannot taken it off without selling them. And if you power up a champion, items will automatically merge!

To download a high-resolution image of the cheat-sheet, click here.

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is a free-to-play strategy game from Riot Games, the makers of the world’s most popular online game, League of Legends.

TFT pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team from the League of Legends roster.

Think of it as Fantasy Football meets League of Legends, with a bit of Age of Empires mixed in. The goal? Be the last player standing.

While the action is automated, your goal is to plan and recruit specific team combinations, manage your gold economy, and outlast battling other players on monsters each round.