Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be of interest to schools

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has published guidance on how schools can open safely amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

They will be of great interest to  management and communities who want to prepare their schools to re-open. The document explains howveer, that ‘these recommendations depend on community monitoring to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.’

‘Communities with low levels of COVID-19 spread and those with confidence that the incidence of infection is genuinely low…….may put in place the practices described below as part of a gradual scale up of operations.’

So what advice is there for schools?

Scaling Up Operation:

In all Steps:

  • Establish and maintain communication with local and state authorities to determine current mitigation levels in your community.
  • Protect and support staff and students who are at higher risk for severe illness, such as providing options for telework and virtual learning.
  • Follow CDC’s Guidance for Schools and Childcare Programs.

Provide teachers and staff from higher transmission areas (earlier Step areas) telework and other options as feasible to eliminate travel to schools and camps in lower transmission (later Step) areas and vice versa.

Encourage any other external community organizations that use the facilities also follow this guidance.

Step 1: Schools that are currently closed, remain closed. E-learning or distance learning opportunities should be provided for all students. Support provision of student services such as school meal programs, as feasible. Camps should be restricted to children of essential workers and for children who live in the local geographic area only.

Step 2: Remain open with enhanced social distancing measures and for children who live in the local geographic area only.

Step 3: Remain open with distancing measures. Restrict attendance to those from limited transmission areas (other Step 3 areas) only.

To read the publication in full, visit the CBC website here.