Winter by Doroty Aldis
Winter by Doroty Aldis

Christmas poems go hand-in-hand to making classrooms a special place come winter time. And Winter by Dorothy Aldis is a beautiful resource to use, with simple but beautiful imagery and themes for students to enjoy.

The best use of this poem in a classroom is definitely alongside Art – the imagery used, for eg frosted cakes, horses’ with sleet-like eye-lashes, would make for some incredible winter displays. Not only that, but students can also respond with their own winter imagery to help suit the theme of winter time.

There’s also elements of personification here which students can try and identify, along with Science integration (seasons, weather changes, forces)


by Dorothy Aldis

The street cars are
Like frosted cakes —
All covered up
With cold snowflakes.

The horses’ hoofs
Scrunch on the street;
Their eyelashes
Are white with sleet.

And everywhere
The people go —
With faces tickled
By the snow.

Poetry Ideas:

  • Check out our Poetry Page for lots of poems to use in your classroom
  • Keep a poetry diary for kids to record read work – read more poems by favourite poets
  • Adjective / Onomatopoeia word hunts
  • Write a response verse from the perspective of a different character
  • Write a response verse in a different style – nonsense, rhyming, haiku, cinquain etc. Does this change the poem?
  • Think up of 5/10 Questions you would ask a character in a poem/the author
  • Illustrate your favourite image from the poem – in black & white, colour.
  • Storyboard the poem: each verse gets a scene
  • Create a diorama of the poem out of recycling materials
  • Illustrate a book cover/movie poster that could accompany the poem
  • Write the poem using appropriate fonts / why did you choose this to reflect the poem?