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The way we define kilograms, metres and seconds changes today

David Brynn Hibbert, UNSW We measure stuff all the time – how long, how heavy, how hot, and so on – because we need to for things such as trade, health and knowledge. But making sure our measurements compare apples with apples has been a challenge: how to know [...]

Featured Poetry.

Poem – Wind on the Hill by A.A. Milne

Nature poems are a great resource for teacher to inject more poetry into the classroom. Wind on the Hill is no exception, as wind is a topic that fits in any week of the year. There are also great examples of personification and imagery that kids can examine and learn from, with extension [...]

Poem – Waiting At The Window by A.A. Milne

Nature is one of thee biggest resources a teacher can use in the classroom - especially since it's knowledge children can apply. And nothing is more applicable than weather! Waiting at the Window by famous poet and author A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh) is of no exception to world class poetry you can use [...]

Poem – After The Winter by Claude McKay

With winter gone, lessons now now focus on the beauty and bloom of the flowers and the trees. With that said, the below poem After The Winter by Claude McKay is a brilliant poem to show senior kids how using the theme of seasons and weather can be very effective. [...]


Burn Safety teaching resources

Fire and burn safety are very serious topics for children to learn. From Halloween to simply understanding the dangers of scalds from taps and kettles. Burn Awareness Week aims to to highlight [...]

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