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Roblox – A Parents Guide

Roblox has become one of the most popular games in recent years. But as parents, it can be difficult to keep up to speed with all of it’s features, gameplay and updates to user-generated content.

This Roblox parents guide aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the game, covering its age rating, gameplay features, and parental control options. It is essential to understand what Roblox is, how it works, and its age-appropriateness to ensure your child’s safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation system that allows users to design and play games created by other users. It was launched in 2006 and has since become a global phenomenon, boasting millions of active users.

The platform is primarily aimed at children and teenagers, offering a diverse range of games created by both professional developers and the Roblox community.

Age Rating:

Roblox has an age rating of 7+ on major app stores, including Google Play and the Apple App Store. The platform itself does not have strict age verification, making it accessible to users of all ages.

However, parents should exercise caution and ensure age-appropriate content for their children by using parental control features provided by the platform.

Gameplay Features:

  1. Game Creation: One of the unique aspects of Roblox is its game creation system, which allows users to design their own games using the Roblox Studio. This feature encourages creativity and problem-solving skills, as young players can build their virtual worlds and share them with the community.
  2. Game Variety: Roblox hosts a vast array of games, from adventure and role-playing games to simulation and obstacle courses. The diversity of options ensures that children can find games that align with their interests and preferences.
  3. Multiplayer Interaction: Most games on Roblox are multiplayer, allowing players to collaborate with friends or interact with other users around the world. While this promotes social interaction and teamwork, it is essential for parents to be aware of potential online interactions and encourage responsible digital citizenship.
  4. In-Game Purchases: Some games on Roblox offer virtual items or currency for purchase. Parents should ensure that their children understand the concept of real money transactions and supervise any in-game purchases to prevent accidental overspending.
  5. Safety Measures: Roblox has implemented several safety measures to protect its young user base. For instance, the platform employs a content moderation system to filter inappropriate content. Additionally, users can report and block other players if they encounter any disruptive behavior.

Parental Controls:

To ensure a safe and suitable experience for your child on Roblox, parents can utilize the following parental control options:

  1. Account Restrictions: Parents can set up an account for their child with age-appropriate settings, including restrictions on chatting and in-app purchases.
  2. Privacy Settings: Adjust the privacy settings to control who can communicate with your child in the game and who can send friend requests.
  3. Reporting and Blocking: Educate your child about reporting any inappropriate behavior they encounter and how to block users if necessary.

How is Roblox and Minecraft different?

Minecraft in education
Minecraft in education

Many people think that Roblox and Minceaft are quite similar.

For Roblox, players can not only play a vast variety of games but also create their own games using the Roblox Studio. This feature fosters creativity and empowers users to design their virtual worlds, characters, and gameplay mechanics. The platform offers a diverse range of game genres, from adventurous quests to imaginative simulations, catering to a broad spectrum of interests.

On the other hand, Minecraft is renowned for its sandbox-style gameplay and emphasis on exploration and resource management. Players find themselves in an open-ended 3D world, where they can gather resources, craft items, build structures, and interact with the environment. The pixelated graphics and survival mechanics create a unique experience that encourages players to strategize, collaborate, and unleash their architectural creativity.

Another significant distinction lies in the art style and visuals. Minecraft features a distinctive blocky and pixelated aesthetic, which has become its iconic trademark. In contrast, Roblox games showcase diverse art styles, varying based on the creativity of individual game creators. As a result, players can experience a wide range of visual experiences on Roblox, from cartoonish worlds to realistic simulations.


Roblox offers a dynamic and creative environment where children can explore a vast array of games and develop their imaginative and social skills. By understanding the age rating, gameplay features, and utilizing parental control options, parents can ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for their children.

Encouraging open communication about online activities will empower children to make responsible choices while engaging with this popular gaming platform.

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