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Billie Eilish Lesson Plan: Exploring Her Artistry

Billie Eilish is one of the most successful and creative musicians in recent years. whether it’s her work in films such as James Bond or Barbie, or her own award-winning music, she inspires so many people each day. As teachers, this provides a great opportunity in the classroom!

Below is a Billie Eilish lesson plan that teachers can use to inspire and engage with a variety of musical tastes in the classroom.

Lesson Plan: Exploring the Artistry of Billie Eilish Grade Level: 7th – 9th grade Duration: 3 sessions (60 minutes each)

Objective: Students will gain a deeper understanding of the artist Billie Eilish, her musical and visual style, and the social themes in her work. They will analyze one of her songs, explore her music videos, and create a multimedia project inspired by her artistry.


  1. Computer or tablet with internet access and projector
  2. Speakers or headphones
  3. Whiteboard and markers
  4. Copies of the lyrics of a Billie Eilish song (e.g., “Ocean Eyes”)
  5. Art supplies for creative project (paper, markers, colored pencils, digital art tools, etc.)

Session 1: Introduction to Billie Eilish and Her MusicDuration: 60 minutes

Step 1: Introduction (10 minutes)

Begin the lesson by discussing the impact of music on culture and society. Ask students if they have heard of Billie Eilish and if they can name any of her songs.

Step 2: Artist Profile (20 minutes)

Show a short video documentary or presentation about Billie Eilish, focusing on her background, rise to fame, and notable achievements. Discuss her unique style, including her fashion choices, visual aesthetic, and genre-blurring music.

Step 3: Analyzing a Song (30 minutes)

Play a selected Billie Eilish song (e.g., “Ocean Eyes”). Have students listen closely, paying attention to the lyrics, melody, instrumentation, and emotions conveyed. After listening, lead a class discussion about the song’s themes and the feelings it evokes.

Session 2: Exploring Billie Eilish’s Visual ArtistryDuration: 60 minutes

Step 1: Visual Aesthetic (15 minutes)

Show a few excerpts from Billie Eilish’s music videos, highlighting her visual style and storytelling techniques. Discuss the use of imagery, symbolism, and color in her videos.

Step 2: Music Video Analysis (20 minutes)

Select one of Billie Eilish’s music videos (e.g., “Bad Guy”) and watch it as a class. Afterward, guide students in analyzing the video’s narrative, visual elements, and how it complements the song’s themes.

Step 3: Student Discussion (25 minutes)

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a different Billie Eilish music video. Have them analyze their assigned video’s artistic choices, storyline, and connection to the song’s lyrics. Each group presents their findings to the class.

Session 3: Creative Expression Inspired by Billie EilishDuration: 60 minutes

Step 1: Review and Discussion (10 minutes)

Recap the previous sessions’ discussions about Billie Eilish’s music and visual artistry. Allow students to share their thoughts and insights from the music video analyses.

Step 2: Creative Project Introduction (15 minutes)

Explain the final creative project: students will create a multimedia artwork (visual, written, or both) inspired by Billie Eilish’s music and visual style. Emphasize the use of symbolism, color, and emotions in their projects.

Step 3: Creative Project Work (30 minutes)

Provide students with art supplies and digital tools, allowing them to start working on their projects. Circulate the classroom to provide guidance, answer questions, and encourage creative thinking.

Step 4: Sharing and Reflection (5 minutes)

Invite each student to briefly present their creative project to the class, explaining their inspiration, artistic choices, and the emotions they aimed to convey.


Evaluate students based on their engagement during discussions, their ability to analyze Billie Eilish’s music and visual artistry, and the creativity and thoughtfulness of their final multimedia projects.

Homework (Optional): Encourage students to research and explore other aspects of Billie Eilish’s career, such as her collaborations, awards, and philanthropic efforts, and write a short paragraph summarizing their findings.

Extension Activity (Optional): For advanced students, delve into the cultural and societal impact of Billie Eilish’s music and visual art. Discuss her influence on fashion, body image, and self-expression, and encourage students to write a reflective essay on these topics.

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Visit Billie Eilish official website here

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