Is the Moon Tired?
Is the Moon Tired?

Night is a great inspiration for children. It’s the setting, the sounds, the ability to contrast and compare so much between what we do during the day, and what happens when we’re asleep.

Is the Moon Tired? by Christina Rosetti is a gorgeous poem. Though short, it has all the tools a teacher needs to teach anything from rhyme, personification, imagery to setting.

Extension activities include:

  • Artwork on poem’s images including the moon, night sky, dawn, sunlight.
  • Halloween display with fireworks.
  • Explore personification – giving objects and things human-qualities. What else can the moon be? Bright, awake, singing, sleeping, hiding.
  • Response verse answering the question – is the moon tired? Why/why not? (Humour)

Is the Moon tired?

By Christina Rosetti

Is the moon tired? She looks so pale

Within her misty veil;

She scales the sky from east to west,

And takes no rest.

Before the coming of the night

The moon shows papery white;

Before the dawning of the day

She fades away.