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Using Pokemon in the Classroom – Lesson Ideas

Pokemon has certainly lasted the test of time. Pikachu and friends have captured the imaginations of generations for the last 24 years (yes, we are that old now). Using Pokemon in the classroom is just one other resource teachers should consider to incentivize learning in a fun, engaging and modern way.

Below are some ideas on how to use Pokemon in the classroom, along with resources you might consider for added benefits! We’ll also link you with useful products and resources you can invest in, to fully utilize Pikachu & friends in your classroom learning environment.


Height & Weight- each Pokemon has a different height and weight, all of which are available for free on the Pokedex site! That’s hundreds and hundreds of different figures for students to research, compare and contrast.

  • Plot this information on graphs comparing and contrasting different Pokemon.
  • Put them in order from tallest/shortest or lightest/heaviest. Use pictures to really make the graph pop!
  • Print out a selection of profiles and have students sort them.
  • Plot a graph of each student’s height and have them compare it to a Pokemon – try and find one the same size!

Number – each Pokemon has a number and it can be a great exercise to use these numbers to teach about sequencing, cataloguing and anything to do with counting. (What comes after #156? Can anyone tell me what number Pokemon is #87?)


Forces – each Pokemon has at least one type, and each type comes with strengths and weaknesses too. So for eg. Water types are weak against Electricity. Grass are weak against Fire and so on. Have students chart out these forces and make data charts on this.

Life studies – while Pokemon is of course fictional, there are a lot of scientific aspects to each Pokemon. Each one has a type, a habitat, diet and added information about it on the Pokedex. They also ‘evolve’ and have adaptations students can spot – e.g. Water Pokemon have fins, Fire Pokemon are usually red/amber.

Have students profile a Pokemon, researching where a certain Pokemon lives, what it eats and some interesting facts about it – just like they would a living animal!


Pokémon TCG – Pokémon The Card Game is one of the most popular card collecting hobbies worldwide. And it just so happens to offer a new, innovative way to practice  co-operation & turn-taking, and other social skills in a fun, supportive environment.

Simply purchase any number of starter kits for an abundance of collectible cards you can use in lessons, or as part of recess/golden time. Below are some affiliate links to official vendors, and an explainer video on how to play the game.


Map work – Pokemon appear in specific regions in the Pokemon universe – and it’s a great opportunity for Pokemon enthuasists to chart out where each one lives and what these places tell us about them. For example, some Pokemon like Zubat live in caves – water pokemon live by the oceans etc.

Pokemon Go – some students might be familiar with Pokemon Go – one of the most popular mobile apps around. Pokemon Go uses VR and geographical technology to place Pokemon in your area for you to catch! It might be a great option for small groups or individuals during P.E. or walks.


  • Write a story based on a Pokemon or create your own that you have just discovered!
  • Create a mind-map or character profile of a Pokemon having just seen their picture. What do they seem like? What would they like to do/hate etc.?
  • Write an adjective poem based on a Pokemon.


  • Illustrate your favourite Pokemon or link into an English lesson and design one of your own!

Computing / Computer Science

Game design – for coding fans or those interested in computers and game design, there are so many lessons already out there across Minecraft and similiar education programmes to tap into game design!

As a treat…

If you’ve done a unit of work on Pokemon, a great end of term treat could be to watch the hugely popular blockbuster…Detective Pikachu!

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